Hortech Inc

Hortech started in 1983. We're a wholesale plant nursery in Nunica, MI. We specialize in perennial plants and ground covers, and we have a nice selection of decorative containers.

In 2007 we diversified our products by innovating a modular green roof system. LiveRoof, LLC. offers a fully-vegetated green roof system. Our customers enjoy the many benefits that our green roof system offers. You can read more here:

In 2012, LiveWall, LLC was founded. We provide vertical green walls for both exterior and interior applications, along with mobile vertical gardens. LiveWall and LiveScreen provide customers another way to create beautiful ecosystems, gardens, privacy screens, and living plants to vertical spaces. You can find more information here:

We pride ourselves on high quality plants grown with natural practices that are safe for our environment and people. Come grow with us!

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